Keep in touch programme

Staying in touch with your client is the lifeblood of any business

What are we actually trying to achieve when we see a potential client for the first time?

We are attempting to build a relationship with the client that will be beneficial to both parties. Yes, you are there to sell your product or service but unless you build the relationship, it's not going to be a long term solution and you'll battle to get repeat business.
It takes consistent effort to build successful long term relationships so why do so many sales people spend so much of their time trying to solicit new business and not enough time looking after their current client base.

The reason most sales people do this, is because either they think they can generate larger sales from a new client and because the current client has already purchased, it is a forgone conclusion that they will continue to buy without much coercion. (Big Mistake) Any business that has been going a while will tell you that on average 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients.

Relationship selling is the key to retaining your current client base and if you neglect this important aspect of business, you will consistently be looking for new clients as your current ones go elsewhere. Lets face it, if your opposition contacted one of your clients who are receiving excellent service and enjoy dealing with you, the chances are, they won't even get an appointment to see them.

Building a successful business is all about gaining clients and once you have them, lock them in, in a way that is beneficial to both parties - (Win Win)
This is where the 'Keep in Touch' system comes into it's own. You've done the hard work getting the client. Don't make the mistake of neglecting them once they've purchased. Build the relationship to the degree that when they think of anything related to products and services that your company provides, they automatically think of you.

Remember: Clients don't only want to be told that you care, they want to feel that you care.

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