About us

Which Interactive have been involved in electronic media since 1996 when we launched the inaugural issue of Which Business Equipment magazine online. The print version had been going since the early 1980's and we were one of the first print media magazines to produce both a print and electronic version.

We still work very closely with Which Industrial magazine doing all their e-mail marketing.

We believe strongly in building lasting relationships with our clients. Offering them cost effective solutions to market their products and services effectively.

Micro Consulting is the newest string in our bow, initiated by the increase in small business start-ups within South Africa. As we've been going a long time, we've had ample time to bump our heads along the way giving us a huge amount of experience in running a small business.
Not only can we guide and advise new clients along the path of cost effective marketing solutions, but also options in electronic filing systems, administration and finance.

So many start-up businesses have great ideas but without sound business sense, they can easily fall prey to the more basic problems relating to running a small enterprise.

If you are one of those brave people who have stepped out into the minefield of self employment or running a small company and would like some help with cost effective marketing solutions or database management, feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Contact Us

P.O.Box 278

Tel: 011 795 1815
E-mail: timj@which.co.za

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